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Steffen Bunting

Partner / Construction Expert / Broker / CO, WY

Steffen Bunting is the maintenance and construction manager of Oneway. He is from Greeley, Co and has a beautiful wife and a pretty little daughter. He started out as an insurance agent for Bankers Life and Casualty. After living in Colorado Springs for 1 year he moved back to Greeley and started in real estate. He has been doing real estate investment since June of 2012. Construction and rental maintenance came along with real estate investment. Jordan, Seth and Steffen started a construction company June of 2014. Remodeling is where they started and for now that is where they are staying within construction. Steffen also manages the contractors and projects within One Way Construction Management. One of Steffen’s passions is to help people accomplish dreams. He loves to connect with entrepreneurs, and create networks that can benefit all involved.

(970) 515-5004
1008 8th Street, Greeley
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